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Hi. I'm Andrew Purdum - founder of Purdum Media.


For 7 years now I've worked with businesses all over the United States and show them the quickest path to getting better clients.


My method is simple - figure out where the "holes" are in your business and incrementally increase your results by making your marketing and sales stronger, leaner, and much more efficient.


I have three main ways I do this.


#1 - Email marketing. When you can properly nurture your leads over email, you'll topple false beliefs that stop them from buying. Naturally, this leads to increased odds of a sale.


#2 - Paid ads. When you can dominate in paid ads, you show up everywhere your prospect looks. This cements your authority as an expert.


#3 - SEO. When you get a recommendation from Google - that lead is the highest quality customer available. These are hot, ready to buy customers.


If you're struggling in any of these three areas, you're missing out on a lot of opportunity.


I can help.


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Purdum Media, LLC

Founder - Purdum Media
342 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA 17603

(t) 717-333-0317

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